Forum OpenACS Development: Re: HTMLarea and ad_form/form builder

Posted by Lars Pind on
htmlArea 3 has been committed to HTML.

The htmlarea stuff itself sits in acs-templating/www/resources/htmlarea.

There's a acs-templating parameter, UseHtmlAreaForRichtextP, which controls whether richtext widgets use the htmlArea.

This parameter defaults to 0 (off), because we don't yet have a feature that lets the user choose to turn off htmlArea, or switch between htmlArea and normal textarea input, and htmlArea doesn't work on all browsers.

For more documentation, see template::widget::richtext.

This is on HEAD, meaning 5.1.

For those interested in back-porting, there's also a change in acs-subsite/www/resources/core.js, and to www/blank-master.tcl/adp.


Posted by Guan Yang on
How about an online demo?
Posted by C. R. Oldham on

Can you give a brief overview of what it might take to retrofit an ad_form to use htmlarea in the textarea instead of the standard textarea widget?  I played with this last night and it didn't work quite right.

I was trying to get the HTML textareas in mailing-lists to use HTMLarea.  In packages/mailing-lists/www/madmin/classes.tcl I changed each ad_form field that I wanted to use HTMLarea to look something like

{html_body:richtext(richtext),optional {label "Default HTML Body"} {html {rows 12 cols 80}}}

but I've noticed that when there are three HTMLareas on the page only the last one actually updates the content.


Also, does fullscreen mode not work?