Forum OpenACS Q&A: Where to download ACS 3.5?

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
So just where is the latest and greatest version of ACS 3.5.x (aka, ACES) to be found?

Malte's Jan. 2002 post says to get it from, but that currently has only "ACES AIESEC Version" and "ACES Sloan Version" available for download. What's the deal with those two versions? Which of them, if either, is ACS 3.5? This even older Aug. 2001 post gives instructions for getting ACES out of the CVS repository, but I didn't try that.

Btw, yes it's 2004 now, but Dirk just recently recommended porting the ACES site wide search to OpenACS 5.x, so clearly the old ACS 3.x codebase may still be of more than historical value.