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Posted by Sebastian Skracic on
I've uploaded the acs-kernel data model I've been working on to It actually loads into PG7.0 (with few errors here and there), but nothing else. See above URL for more disclaimers.
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Posted by Don Baccus on
That's cool, though I won't have time to look at it until the weekend, at least.

Keep in mind that we're planning to target PG 7.1, not PG 7.0, for ACS 4.0.  PG 7.1 is far enough along that you should be able to build a reasonably stable version.  If I successfully get my workstation rebuilt before the weekend I'm going to try to build a version.  If I can get OpenACS 3.2 to run on it successfully, I'll try to put together a tar file we can use (since the CVS tip often gets broken for a day or so at a time) until PG 7.1 betas.

Of course, if you have time to do the same before this weekend, you're  more than welcome to do so!  Much more than welcome, actually ...

Anyway, I think we need a semi-stable copy of PG 7.1 to start playing with.  No need to restrict our port to PG 7.0-isms with PG 7.1 so near .

Tim Perdue's already gotten SourceForge up on a test system using PG 7.1 pre-beta, as you've probably seen if you chased the link in the news article I posted.

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Posted by Don Baccus on
Also, keep in mind that we're going to look very hard into rewriting acs_objects to make use of PG's inheritance features.  It's a natural fit, at least it appears to be on the surface.  If we run into problems we'll change our minds, of course.
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Posted by Jim Lynch on

If you take advantage of the oop features of postgres, that will make
it nonportable to other databases (read: bigtime fork)...

I don't much like the idea of having to use oracle, but why limit
future porting choices?


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Posted by Bob barker on
what is Kernel ddl?