Forum OpenACS Development: Re: High Availability Configurations

Posted by Barry Books on
Software reliability is an important point. My personal site running ACS on a single sun x1 with no backup has better uptime that the site mentioned above. There are several reasons for this but mostly it does less and gets upgraded less.

However, perhaps the important (and overlooked) piece of high availability is how long to recover from a catastrophic failure. My goal was max 4 hours. The longer you have the cheaper things get. If you don't need a 2nd data center you can cut the cost in half. Unfortunately without one it's difficult to calculate max downtime.

Posted by Joel Aufrecht on
If you're running an OpenACS site and not doing the steps outlined in Chapter 8. Backup and Recovery, or something equivalent, then I wash my hands of your catastrophe-related downtime :)
Posted by Bart Teeuwisse on
My favorite load balancer is Pound ( Also the perfect tool to setup virtual OpenACS based web servers.