Forum OpenACS Development: classifid ads

Posted by Ben Koot on
Hi folks,

Is it possible to have RSS  functionality on Classified ads. I amm trying to create a concept of blog ads, and a feeling the classified ads module is just the mechansim I need, to seprate advertising from regular blog entries. The idea is to use weblogger for information and  charge for related advertising on the classified ad.

The big picture.
I have been apointed Dutch sales offeice for, currently using for newsletter distribution. I am working on the internal organsiation now. Rhe first goal is to have the whole network of journalists around the world communicating via OpenACS, and create an RSS Headlines function, based on feeds of weblogs of the individual journalists, that finaly form the content of the regular html ezine.

The main revenue stream is froma advertising linked to the newsletter. ultimately, by having both the conyten, and the advertising in seperate rss feeds, could mena an interesting form of added value to the network.

I have a meeting next week in Berlin, where I am trying to sell the concept, but it would help to know if calssified add rss is feasible.  If anybody is interested to work on this project, just let me know. I have now idea whta it would cost to create something like this, so just name your price..


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