Forum OpenACS Q&A: openACS companies page needs improvement...

We are currently working on the new .LRN homepage and we really like to invite universities or organisations that need professional help over to the companies page at openacs ( We might want to update and improve that page a little, though...

1. What about creating a table with x table datas?
1td: Name of Company (+ Link to Company)
2td: Location of Company
3td: Description

2. We could then sort the companies by continent and name, which would make it a bit easier for the potential customer to locate the right company near him.

3. If somebody could grant me etp rights to that page, I would do it. Everybody that wants his description to be updated or wants to add his company to the list or wants to mail me the location of his company in case it is not mentioned on your company's homepage, write me to david <at> kuczek <dot> de...


Posted by Chris Davies on
why not use the resource list package?

Or the one that DaveB and Carolyn Meeks put together?

ETP really seems like an unwieldy way to deal with categorizing and grouping a list of links.

Posted by Ben Koot on
Hi folks,
We could also use the personal profiles. That awould allwo each member to update information and hyperlinks himself.