Forum OpenACS Development: Re: High Availability Configurations

Posted by Bart Teeuwisse on

From the Pound man page:

       Pound attempts to keep track of active back-end servers, and will  tem-
       porarily  disable  servers  that do not respond (though not necessarily
       dead: an overloaded server that Pound cannot establish a connection  to
       will  be  considered  dead).  However,  every  alive_check  seconds, an
       attempt is made to connect to the dead servers in case they have become
       active  again. If this attempt succeeds, connections will be innitiated
       to them again.

       In general it is a good idea to set this time interval  as  low  as  is
       consistent  with  your  resources  in  order to benefit from resurected
       servers at the earliest possible time. The default value of 30  seconds
       is probably a good choice.

       Set  the interval to 0 to disable this feature. The clients that happen
       upon a dead backend server will just receive a 503 Service  Unavailable

       The  ha_port  parameter  specifies an additional port that is used only
       for viability checks: if this port is specified in a BackEnd directive,
       Pound  will  attempt  periodically  (every Alive seconds) to connect to
       this port. If the port does not respond the server is considered  dead.