Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Need help with a PL/SQL function that returns a table in a .tcl...

I will try to explain it!
The data resulting from the PL/SQL call is not a Oracle Table, but an "index-by table" datatype, so we don't know how to get this data out from a db_api call using TCL (a db_foreach or something...), and this is why we thought about storing the data in a temporal Oracle table while runnig the procedure to retrieve the information later in a second query, but it isn't very nice 😟

We can't change the PL/SQL function's returning data type, so it must be an index-by table.
Our idea is to write a second PL/SQL function, which would contain a call to the function returning the index-by table, and do something with the data in this table to return it to the TCL calling page... but have no idea about doing it.

Any suggestion?

thanks a lot!