Forum OpenACS Development: openacs auction module???

Posted by dwayne hinton on
Hi, i was wondering if anyone has ported the auction module to pg yet.
it would if in good with what i'm doing with my site. if anyone is
intrested please step up to the plate ;). i would port it if i could,
but i'm not that good. please drop me a line. thanks
Posted by Roberto Mello on
The classified ads with auctions was one of the first to be ported (remember, Don? :)). It works just fine. For a live example (but with auctions disabled against my will) look at
Posted by Roberto Mello on
Oh, I only now noticed that you posted this question on the 4.0 Design forum. You mean an ACS 4 auctions package? If that's what you meant, than you have to wait for the OpenACS 4 release in some time.
Posted by dwayne hinton on
i was talking about the one located here: (
it changes the classifieds module to a auction complete with ebay style dutch auctions i think.
can't find anything more about it though, i will contact the author & see what he says.
Posted by Roberto Mello on
I downloaded it and took a look at the module. Ask the author which version of the ACS did he base his auction module on. We ported the classifieds module so we'd just need to port his changes.

I downloaded the tar ball and peaked at it. It should be really simple to port, much more if you use Postgres 7.1-beta-to-be. Of course, with a diff in hands it would be faster.

Posted by dwayne hinton on
i sent the author an email, here's what he said:

On Tue, 21 Nov 2000, Dwayne Hinton wrote:

<blockquote> 1. like what changes did you make

I made extensive changes throughout the classifieds module.  In fact,
I'd argue that the old module would be barely recognizable.

As for what to port over to OpenACS, I think my approach would be to
use the latest version of OpenACS, and then go through it page by page, copying over the changes that I made.

You should throw away all the templating that I did, because it's not
very good anyway.  There's also a number of little things I'd do differently --
for instance, the bidding mechanism should be broken up and placed into the API.

In short, if I were to do the code over again, it would be quite
different (as usual), so I think you should use my code as a basis for a rewrite.

On the other hand, if that's too much for you, the only changes I made
to the original code that would affect you is that there are some outer joins that show the number of bids on every item.

<blockquote> 2. what version of acs did you base the module on

It's based on either ACS 2.0 or 2.1 (I can't remember exactly), and the documentation is a bit unclear.  Either way, it's an *old* version of the ACS.

<blockquote> i what to thank you for your work, this module would fit
quite nicely into my site's scheme

I really hope it works out for you!  Please feel free to contact me
with any questions you might have!
Paul Doerwald, author of auction module (

Posted by Robert Locke on
Greetings all,

I'd like to revive this old thread and ask if we have or intend to have an auctions module for the latest and greatest ACS?  If not, is anyone interested in working on this, or already working on this?