Forum OpenACS Development: Re: template::list and grid

Posted by Matthew Burke on


Thanks for the response. I think I wasn't clear in my previous posting. I do know how to use template::list (more or less). What I don't know how to do is get more than one database row per line on the screen. Here's what I have using template::list:

User      Joined

aaa       10-Mar
aab       3-Feb
100 more lines of data
zzz       11-Jan
What I would like to have is the following:

User       Joined      User    Joined

aaa         10-Mar      mma       11-Dec
aab         3-Feb       qrs       9-Aug
 ............           zzz       11-Jan
 more lines
lhz         2-Sep

I might've overlooked something but haven't found any examples of using template::list this way in the oacs codebase.