Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: unwanted spam from my server... help.

Posted by Deds Castillo on
_ my /etc/tcp.smtp (the only one I found on my system) apparently only allows localhost to send emails. Or am I wrong? _

You are correct.

_ James: I am not sure if I installed smtp-auth... How can I check? How could I change this configuration now? _

I am not James, but... if you can send email through any client or through a telnet to port 25 without the system asking you for a username/password then you probably don't have it installed.  smtp-auth exists as a patch and so you can't just change the configuration.  You need to apply it and recompile qmail.  Look for any of the several smtp-auth patches that exist at

_ To: _

qmail doesn't relay addresses of this format.  If you want to reject even the probe, then patch qmail with the patch located here: