Forum .LRN Q&A: Extracting capabilities

Posted by Art Kohn on
I am writing to get ideas on using Moodle to augment an educational tool we are developing. In short, we are using Flash and Flex to deliver on-line lectures as part of a bigger educational environment. Our system has a lot of built-in interface and structure that we want to retain, but we want to weave in some of Moodle capabilities such as authentication, discussion, email portfolios, testing and grade book. These seem to be great capabilities and it does not make sense for us to rewrite all of this code.

Would it be possible to extract some of these capabilities? Within Moodle, how easily can the logic and functionality be separated from its presentation and style? Can the discussion, tests and so forth work as standalone code?
Most of our work has been in PHP, but we can work with other languages as well.

Thanks for your ideas,