Forum OpenACS Development: Re: i18n of content repository content

Posted by Stan Kaufman on
Dave, thanks for beginning this thread. The problem of handling i18n content is a special case of handling complex version content generally. We're grappling with that in our design for the Assessment package.

I've written up the current state of our thinking here:

We want to leverage the CR in all of this, but we're not entirely clear how best to do that. This thread is an important one.

Posted by Jeff Davis on
Another thing to worry about is if you have a translated item you want to track which revision of the document in the original language it's a translation of. Its an issue since you would like to flag for updating any translated doc if the original is updated.

I think its better to have individual cr_items for each translation and relate them since then you can leverage the normal CMS workflow rather than building a second one for handling translation workflow.