Forum .LRN Q&A: Search crash database

Posted by Felipe Gelbcke Gubert on
in dotlrn2.0.2
after installing openfts i was testing the search package
and my server crash...

Notice: Ns_PgExec: Trying to reopen database connection
[14/Mar/2004:15:32:52][4309.24580][-conn0-] Notice: Opening service0 on localhost
[14/Mar/2004:15:32:52][4309.24580][-conn0-] Error: Ns_PgOpenDb(postgres):  Could not connect to localhost::service0:  FATAL:
The database system is in recovery mode

any clues?

2: Re: Search crash database (response to 1)
Posted by Hamilton Chua on
I would like to ask if you were able to solve this problem.