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Posted by David Kuczek on
I also think that the fact that OpenACS has never forked is really important...

*Attention: Here comes a little flame...* I mean, what can you expect from a guy (and as far as I analyzed PHP-Nuke, it is one guy that has cvs access and some servants that contribute bugs) that makes the following remarks on his FAQ:


- Is PHP-Nuke on sale?

If you consider that you can make a good offer for the whole project, the answer is yes. If your offer is far lower than US$300,000 don't waste your time. For any related comments and possible negotiations you can contact me here. Any offer will be considered strictly confidential."

- Where is the CVS?

There isn't any CVS for PHP-Nuke.

- Can I copy and use your topics graphics?

Absolutely No. All the topics graphics has been made by me and have copyright. You can't copy, modify and/or use those graphics. You can only use "phpnuke.gif" topic image to setup a topic in your web site that refers "only" to PHP-Nuke. Will be exceptions to this rule for PHP-Nuke community's sites. If you run a community support site (for PHP-Nuke ONLY), drop me line. You'll need my written permission to use them. Be fair and don't play with my hard work.


Nothing more has to be said about their/his understanding of the spirit and collaboration model of open source. Well I would fork, too ;-)

On the other hand I found out that PHP-Nuke doesn't support groups. Hmmmmm that's really bad. If they don't support groups they probably don't support subsites etc. either.