Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to ns_returnredirect FORM vars vs URL vars

Posted by Robert Ezman on
This is where you start getting into a personal taste/philosophy thing.

One thing you may want to take in to consideration is that as soon as you start using javascript the chance of the browser crashing or some other anomoly that will mess you up for example the surfer turns javascript off...and then what...

I personally try to keep it simple: pure html...

What is the difference between a form var being passed and a url var.... The only difference that I see is that with the url you actually see the parameter on the location bar....Note by the way that if you change you method in the form definition from post to get...all the sudden it gets passed along as a url var..

I guess the only problem is what's on the other end of the request...I'm guessing that the info is not being passed to an aolserver web server.... because aolserver doesn't seem to care....the vars still get decoded properly.  What I mean is that if you have two pages: one request with a form and one that does the action and decodes the values passed.  If you're using adp pages and ns_queryget if you change the method= to get from post or vice versa you application will still work.