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Posted by Stan Kaufman on
Don, you raise a related question that has often been asked here but never clearly answered: so which package *does* use the CR properly? Since DaveB generally is viewed as Mr CR and he wrote ETP, I've presumed that ETP *is* a good example. Jade's docs provide a nice synopsis of Karl G's official docs leftover from aD, but there's nothing like poking the source. Which package is Worthy, in your view? I have an immediate need for this advice, since we're dealing with CR design issues right now in Assessment. Thanks!
6: Re: Bug or feature? (response to 5)
Posted by Talli Somekh on
Dave maintains ETP, Luke Pond originally wrote it as a hack to get an fairly workable CMS into OpenACS4.

So it's certainly not a corrent CR app... that seems to be the Holy Grail at the moment.