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Posted by Don Baccus on
Thanks, Benjamin, I was going to look into this today!  I figured that it was using the same variable internally and that was killing nestability.

As it turns out...

"To me, the most exciting thing is that this makes it possible to have a list structure as part of a multirow."

(the name="foo" value="list of values" construct) ...

I realized after committing the change with the comment you noticed that a multirow with the list passed as part of it would let me work around the issue.  Actually it turns out in this case the multirow was cleaner anyway.

So ... Malte ... I don't need this bug fix to do the minor clean-up to portals I was seeking.  I'm conservative about these things, anyway, and would agree with Joel that we not put stuff in that's not absolutely necessary.  I argued similarly in Peter's thread about group administration.

Benjamin if you e-mail me your patch for nested lists I'll apply it to HEAD ...