Forum OpenACS Q&A: AOLserver meeting in Regensburg/Germany


I just want to announce "The Regensburg AOLserver meeting" (this is our working title so far...) on Thursday, the 8th of April.

A few people will come together and talk about the way they use AOLserver - for projects, for business, for fun. This is a chance to discuss, learn and get to know each other.

It takes place in Regensburg (Bavaria), Germany, where our company is located; see our current Agenda below.
If you want to join, please register ( so that we know how much coffee we have to provide 😊

The idea of the meeting came up when we thought: "Hey, there must be more than 5 people using AOLserver in Bavaria - and they all should know about each other". So if you are interested (no matter where you are located) don't hesitate.
(Important: We want to strongly focus on AOLserver)