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Posted by Deds Castillo on

I just sent it to Walter with the following snippet of email. I'm forwarding package to Caroline so that it can be uploaded into contrib.  Note that I think this can't co-exist with old glossary at its current state.


Attached here is the cleaned up glossary package.  I removed the dependency for the workflow and also made it very basic.  This is postgres only.

In reality this package should be dropped and replaced with "BCMS" + "BCMS Glossary UI".  I needed it quick for one project so we went with a quick hack to this.

If you will use this extensively, then maybe we can work together into bringing a BCMS Glossary UI into fruiton instead.  But if you need it for quick use, then this would probably suffice.

I also removed the ability to relate illustrations to the glossary items as we didn't really see the need for that to this project.  This can stil be done by uploading an image and referencing that in the description of the term via "img src" tag.