Forum OpenACS Q&A: ns_pg error with OpenACS 3.2.4: portraits, logos, etc.

I'm encountering problems with uploading files--notably portraits and

The error appears to occur in this call:

ns_pg blob_dml_file $db $portrait_id $tmp_filename

in the transaction from (for example) /pvt/portrait/upload-2.tcl that
also updates the users table.

Here's the error from the AOLserver log:

[20/Dec/2000:11:24:24][7789.524293][-conn15-] Error: wrong # args:
should be "ns_pg command dbID"

I didn't have any trouble like this with OpenACS 3.2.2. When I
upgraded to 3.2.4, I also upgraded PG and AOLserver, so I'm not sure
which might be related. Current versions I'm using: AOLserver 3.2-2;
PG 7.0.3-2; Linux - Debian woody

I see that bug 792 concerns a possibly related problem with buffer
size in blob_dml_file (
but this is on linux/PPC. I'm running Linux in an Intel box (whether
or not that is relevant).

Has anyone else seen this? Does the AOLserver Postgres driver need to
be patched? Some other fix?

Many thanks in advance!

There's a preprocessor define that controls whether or not the additional AOLserver stuff gets compiled when you build the driver.  It's possible that this isn't being #defined.

You might want to pick up a copy of our version of the driver, anyway.  I know for sure that it works...

Just to confirm: I had the same problem using the driver from; upon installing pgdriver-1.1 uploads seem to be working.