Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Announcement: .LRN Spring Meeting in Heidelberg (2004)

Plan Friday -> Wednesday if you want to take part in more than just the .LRN day.

We will make time for 2-4 presentations on the first day (Friday). I will get a preliminary agenda up for Friday later this week for discussion. Will also work on some more specific hotel recommendations (have been multiple requests).

If needed presentations and smaller meetings can overflow into the next day (Saturday) along with more technical demos and focus meetings (e.g. assessment). The second day will be informal and organized by participants based on the successful OpenACS meeting in Copenhagen. The Bug Bash will start on Sunday and end Monday (Joel Aufrecht will be running this). There will be a training course that will last 2-3 days for OpenACS newbies (the speed of course completion will depend on the progress of the students). There will be time from Saturday to Wednesday for informal meetings and discussions about present and future projects.