Forum OpenACS Q&A: Off topic and dumb question

Posted by Anton Bajri on
I decided to keep track of the CVS's version, but as my linux doesn't
like my modem, i have to run a windows cvs client.

Here's the question: how do i change the <cr><lf> to <cr> on a whole
directory tree? (i discovered that linefeed breaks TCL parser). I
used to write shell scripts, but today i'm a visual basic programmer:
the best i can do is opening files one by one with vi and using :se
ff=unix :(

By the way, anyone have some trickery to make emacs colorize adp

Thanks in advance,


Posted by carl garland on
You should be able to download a utility called dos2unix that will handle this functionality.  Just do a search, should be easy to find.