Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Memory usage growing with irc-logger package

Posted by Bart Teeuwisse on

thanks for the patch Tilmann. However, your patch works only when the XSL transformation is successful. Should the transformation fail along the way then not all 3 DOM trees are there (HTML, RDF and XSL) and thus one or more of the tree delete statements would fail, potentially leaving one or more of the other (valid) trees behind.

I patched irc::logger::apply_xslt accordingly on HEAD. (Isn't that where all new development should go?).


P.S. Could you give me -as the maintainer- a heads up next time you have patches to irc-logger? Thanks.

Posted by Tilmann Singer on
Oops, I had all 3 delete statements independently wrapped in catch blocks before, but had removed it while testing the memory issues and forgot to put them back, sorry.

I committed to oacs-5-1 because it's a bug fix and not a new feature, so I thought that would be ok. Will coordinate with you next time.