Forum OpenACS Q&A: control display of link to items in a page based on group membership

I have group A of various users. SectionA can only be read by people in group A.
I want to control in the index page, whether the link to SectionA is displayed (similar to login-status.adp) depending whether the user belongs to groupA or not.
What paramaters query membership to a group ?


Try looking at:

and related procs shown there in api-doc


it's the usage of group::member_p I am struggling with.
So I guess it's a question of
set user_id [ad_conn user_id]
set cond [group::member_p [-user_id user-id] [-group_name groupA]

will this work ?


group::member_p -user_id $user_id -group_name $group_name

should work.