Forum OpenACS Development: 2 (Open)ACS software engineers positions available

Praesagus has two software engineering positions for experienced (Open)ACS developers. See position description below.

Software Engineers (2)

Develop cutting edge Copper Prediction solution which allows computer
chip designers to predict manufacturing problems before designs are
sent to manufacturing, saving millions of dollars.

Desired Profile

    You will be a key member of a small team that is developing a
    state of the art Semiconductor Process Variability Solution. Prior
    experience with web based application development is
    required. Experience with (Open)ACS on Oracle development
    experience is preferred.

General Duties

    * Develop Copper CMP/ECD Process Variability Solution.
    * Port User Interface from ACS to OpenACS.
    * Drive integration of context help system w/ Copper CMP/ECD
      Process Variability Solution UI.
    * Re-design 'Copper CMP/ECD Process Variability Solution' to run
      on LSF platform.
    * Isolate probable causes of issues; document and monitor bugs and
      enhancement requests.
    * Assist customers w/ solutions to a wide variety of problems
      moderate scope and complexity.


    * A Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science or
      equivalent or demonstrated skill and/or related industry
    * 2+ years (Open)ACS experience.
    * 2+ years web based User Interface(s).
    * 2+ yers Java experience
    * Good diagnostic and technical analysis skills.
    * Excellent knowledge of HTML and web related concepts and
      protocols, e.g. HTTP, XML, DOM, SSL, CSS.
    * Very good understanding of Client Server concepts.
    * Good understanding of the major Linux distributions.
    * Understanding of relational database theory including a thorough
      working knowledge of SQL preferably on Oracle 8i (9i is a plus).
    * Excellent verbal and written skills.

Desired experience

    * Startup experience.
    * C, java, Matlab, LSF or SOAP/XML-RPC programming.
    * Understanding of the major Unix (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris) platforms.
    * Working knowledge of electroplated copper deposition (ECD) and
      chemical mechanical polishing (CMP).

About Praesagus

    Praesagus provides characterization and modeling products to
    improve the chemical mechanical polishing semiconductor
    manufacturing process. Praesagus' purpose is to 'Experience the
    excitement and rewards of applying innovation to challenging and
    valuable opportunities'. Praesagus recognizes that having the
    right people is our greatest asset.

        - We hire only the best.  
	- We enable and encourage one another to excel.  
	- We hold the highest expectations of one another.

    Praesagus continually strives for outstanding customer
    satisfaction while charging a fair price for our products and
    services.  We value Honesty, Integrity, Initiative,
    Aggressiveness, Endurance, & Adaptability.

How to apply

    Send your resume and contact information to bart(at)