Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to photodb for openACS

Posted by Vinod Kurup on
I just took a quick look at the Photo Album Lite and I really like it.
The photodb (3.x) is really meant for photo-enthusiasts, so it
asks for a bunch of details about each photo, like camera-type,
film-type, etc., etc. Photo Album Lite, on the other hand, is
tailored for the person who just wants to upload photos to show
friends and family (or whomever)

The interface is pretty nice - you can upload up to 6 pics at a time
or you can upload zip files (up to 10mb) and the module will
unzip 'em. It doesn't ask you to fill out captions when you're
uploading. Instead, you can add that data later on when you're
actually looking at the pic. (with photodb, you can only upload 1
pic at a time)

It has a nice slideshow feature that shows the pics and allows
you to edit the captions as you're going through the slideshow -
very convenient!

I haven't looked at it in depth, though, so there may be other
features that I missed.

I did have one problem. I'm on Debian and the latest
ImageMagick is 4.28 (even in Woody!). This version doesn't
allow the use of the -format flag, but Photo-Album-Lite uses that
flag. I just took the flag out and used a regsub to format output
properly for me.