Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: OpenACS and Database Locks - Conflict?

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Samer, is your non-OpenACS "another back-end of Oracle Applications" accessing your OpenACS Oracle schema in any way? If it is not then AFAIK there is no possible way that it's presence in your Oracle instance could be causing transaction locks. It might make your Oracle instance slower, yes, and might consume other Oracle-internal resources ("latches", etc.) which might conceivable cause the symptoms you observe, but it certainly can't cause table or row locking in your OpenACS schema unless it actually reads from that schema in some way. At any rate that's not the place to start looking for the problem.

You say during the hang you observed "some locks on some tables". Well, what tables? And what code was taking those locks?

As others have suggested above, so far there is also little reason to believe that database locks have anything to do with your problem. They might, they might not. Verify that your AOLserver thread settings are correct. Use that AOLserver nstelemetry page to check for any suspicious AOLserver locks during the hang.

That 9 seconds taken by that scheduled proc seems suspicious. What proc is that, and what is it doing? Instrument all your scheduled procs if necessary in order to find out. Even it turns out to be un-related to your hanging problem, you probably should fix it anyway. Either speed up the scheduled proc, or give it its own thread to run in.