Forum OpenACS Development: Response to OpenACS 4.0 Status and Timeline

Posted by Talli Somekh on

It's great news to hear that the OpenACS4 project is starting to pick up steam.  I imagine that there will be a relatively detailed announcement at some point, but I'd like to ask some questions that can be answered in this or another forum.

a) Will the next version of OpenACS be based on ACS4.0 or 4.1?  From the docs, I get the sense that there will be a kind of forking of the 4.X dev branch where the 4.0.X will continue to be supported to some degree but 4.1 will have some additions not compatible with 4.0.X, namely the workflow module.  Which version will OpenACS4 be based on?

What I'm basically asking is will OpenACS4.X follow the same life-cycle OpenACS3.X did, namely be a couple of releases behind Classic?  This is entirely reasonable given the porting efforts are voluntary, but I'm wondering whether there is a plan for organizing porting efforts so that we can take advantage of benefits implemented in each release?

b)Can/will the kernal/core of the next OpenACS version be published prior to the official release of PG7.1?  In other words, I've been a little worried that because OpenACS4.X is tied to PG7.1 we're beholden to that project's release date.

While we all know how exact and precise the world of software engineering is, particularly release schedules, I was wondering whether the release of OpenACS4 needs to follow PG7.1's release.

Of course, if sourceforge is already running on a pre-release system, this question may have been answered.

I have more questions, but will leave those to be asked by people who know more than I.