Forum OpenACS Development: Response to OpenACS 4.0 Status and Timeline

Posted by Don Baccus on
Frankly, I don't think PG 7.1 will be the sticking point here.  We'll be working hard on the core (acs-kernel and friends) data model and query porting over the next few weeks.  There are a few pieces that need to be written before others can pitch in, i.e. handling "bind" syntax in the PG driver (on my plate) and the query dispatcher (to provide a systematic method for replacing incompatible Oracle queries with their SQL92 or PG equivalents without removing the Oracle queries  from the source).

I'm also looking into writing some helper functions to make PG's inheritance model more usable for ACS 4x.

After the core's ported, we'll be asking for volunteers to take on individual packages.  At that point, it doesn't really matter if PG 7.1's still in beta (it is in beta3 right now, you can pick it up at, in /pub/dev) as package porting will take some time, too.  I'm expecting a mid-Feb or, at worst, an end-Feb production release of PG 7.1 ... that's only 4-6 weeks!

Adam Farkas and aD gave Ben and I a very warm welcome to their offices  this week, along with office space for a day, which was greatly appreciated by both of us.  Thanks, folks!