Forum OpenACS Development: Response to OpenACS 4.0 Status and Timeline

Posted by Dan Wickstrom on

I added bind variable emulation to the pg driver a couple of weeks ago. The changes are checked into cvs.

After following the pg-hackers list for quite a while, I wonder if we should really use pg's inheritance feature. Discussions about problems with inheritance seem to always end with a disclaimer from one the developers that goes something like: "Inheritance is not fully and consistently implemented". Searching through the list archives, I've come across the following potential problems:

  • Alter table doesn't work correctly on inherited tables.
  • Triggers are not inherited (including referential integrity triggers).
  • Indexes not inherited.

I understand that the index problem can be worked around by explicitly adding an index to the inherited table, and the alter table problem can be worked around by recreating the tables. Have you looked at this stuff in detail? Are there work-arounds for triggers not being inherited? I've probably not covered everything, so there is a possibility that we might uncover quite a few other problems with inheritance, once we start using it heavily. I'm concerned that we're going to saddle ourselves with alot of problems that affect the performance and consistency of openacs 4.x. Also, I don't think inheritance is high on the pg developers list of priorities, so we probably won't get a quick resolution on inheritance problems.