Forum .LRN Q&A: .LRN Meeting Minutes 12/Aug/08

Posted by Alvaro Rodriguez on
Emmanuelle, Don, Dave, morals, Nima, Avni, mr_calvin, zeroGsphere

1) Nima's proposal
- Nima will remove dotlrn-portlet params and move that to dotlrn using the main instance as site-wide config on HEAD
- dotlrn_community::approve_user provides a callback but remove_user not - Nima can fix this

2) Assessment
- Dave found a bunch more bugs, when doing the patches from the bugtracker, all the bugs are not fixed yet
- morals has a small list of the bugs they have fixed, he'll check the bug tracker and will email de diff between openacs list and their list, his fixes will go on HEAD and will be ready for next week
- morals will post on the forums also about a couple of improvements they've done
- Dave might have some fixes that can go in next major release, mgh has a lot of work but it requires data model upgrades, and some other stuff
- Dave can do the callback to track scores independently