Forum OpenACS Development: Response to OpenACS 4.0 Status and Timeline

Posted by Don Baccus on
Ben and I talked (I probably talked too much :) and Ben took notes.

He's working on a porting document for discussion.  It will get
posted Very Soon, won't it, Ben?  I'm eager to let folks have a shot
at it, and will personally either defend or punt on points depending
on group input.  I'm certain that Ben has the same attitude.

Given the vast rewriting of the ACS, and the move to a truly modular
approache, it is crucial that we get the core right, be it ugly or
less ugly. An object model recast upon an RDBMS, or even an ORDBMS
with limitations like PG, will be and is - in the case of ACS 4.*
Classic you can read it today - ugly.

The only question is "how ugly".

(I've got to add that the ugliness pays for real gains in modularity,
extensibility, etc.  It points to the desirability of working in a
truly useful ORDBMS environment, and hopefully PG will get there in
the next six to twelve months.)