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4: Re: util_text_to_url ideas (response to 3)
Posted by Tilmann Singer on
I don't like mixed case urls from an aesthetic point of view, but I don't see why it would do any harm as an option to util_text_to_url.

Regarding url-encoding unicode characters - I'm not sure if that is a good idea, wouldn't that mean we get ugly urls like /foo/h%63%81lich/, whereas the current hack for german characters would make that a /foo/haesslich/ ? I think that would defeat the purpose of util_text_to_url.

5: Re: util_text_to_url ideas (response to 4)
Posted by Alfred Werner on
So mixed case stays - for germanic languages we have a good working solution - do we need to worry about this in non-latinate alphabets?
6: Re: util_text_to_url ideas (response to 5)
Posted by Andrei Popov on
If the target is full i18n, then yes.

I, for one, am still very sceptical of (utility) these URLs in all the various languages (and IIRC, they currently work only in MSIE with a 3rd party plugin).  Note that English (and for that matter latin alphabet) is not my native language.