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17: Re: New .LRN Web Site (response to 4)
Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
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It is really cool to have dotlrn running on .LRN :-)

Thanks for the feedback, have been fixing one thing at a time ( I think David and I fixed the IE 6.0 problem a little while ago) and preparing for the .LRN meeting coming up in Heidelberg.

The reason there is a weblog link "cluttering" the navbar is because I want to have a .LRN group weblog running on the site. It will not be empty for long. The "news" weblog will have a different audience than the ".LRN community weblog" (which is why we need two - unless someone wants to hack together per-category feeds ;-) )

Constructive input on what kind of stuff we should be talking about in that weblog (or draft posts) are welcome.

We also have the /dotlrn part of the site we have to carefully think about (I want to avoid spreading the community out in subgroups).

Right now the focus is to make sure the site hums, starting "the big marketing push", and get the consortium info together and posted so we can get feedback before the Heidelberg meeting.

It is really cool to start see thing roll (we have all been pushing for a long time)!