Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Server Log Format

Posted by S. Y. on

Sean, did you have any problems with Webalizer?

I have had no problems with Webalizer. The DNS cache works, the gd-based PNG graphing works, the aliasing works (GroupSite function for Webalizer), the MangleAgent function works. I looked at analog, but decided that I liked Webalizer's spiffier looking reports.

I don't know which format AOLserver uses but if I don't specify format in nsd.tcl and don't specify format in Analog's config file (I use Analog 4.11), Analog does the analysis just fine (I run it once a day from a cron job).

Okay, I read the documentation (nslog.html) provided with the AOLserver source (in the nslog directory). Verbatim from the Theory of Operation paragraph:

"The nslog module implements Common Log Format access logging. This format can be used by any web analyzer tool. It optionally supports NCSA Combined Log Format and supports log file rolling. The log files are stored in the server/server1/modules/nslog directory."

The Combined Log Format records accesses, referers and agents (a.k.a. browser software). At least with Apache, you can split this up into separate logs. If you're having problems getting Webalizer to process AOLserver access logs, you have a configuration problem. The data in the log (combined log format) is identical to that of Apache. I've had Webalizer process logs from both server software.