Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: __ns_dirlist, fastpath, OpenACS 4.6.3

Posted by James Thornton on
I found the problem -- in the rp_html_directory_listing proc, I changed

  set link "<a href=$tail>$tail</a>"

  set link "<a href=\"$tail\">$tail</a>"

(notice the quotes)

Posted by Tom Jackson on

Okay, I tracked down what I did, which was simply to add a file "global/file-not-found.tcl", and a new configuration param under redirects.

The full instructions on a slightly nicer dirlist, plus all the files are at Download the tar file.

Note that the dirlist proc provided with OpenACS, as I tested it, would display the contents of _any_ directory which didn't have an index file (those under package www directories). My file-not-found file ensures the directory is under the actual pageroot of the server.