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I just posted a rough agenda for Friday.

Linked from the schedule here:

Please note that we will be starting 15 minutes earlier: 9:45AM on Friday.

If you are coming on Friday or Saturday, please register today (we need to solidify the number of attendees today).

I added a detailed map (that expands upon the mapquest link) to the venues section so you know where to go in Heidelberg:

The day on Saturday will be made up of parallel meetings led by people interested in showing what they are building, pushing a particular package, finding partners or support for ideas (e.g. assessment tool, scalability, CSS, etc.) etc.. It will be left up to individuals willing to champion causes (or learn more about specific parts of OpenACS) to help make the meeting on Saturday a success.

This kind of self organizing OpenACS meeting worked well in Copenhagen and we will be doing our best to reproduce this free form meeting in Heidelberg.

I reserved some last minute places to sleep in the youth hostel (inexpensive) and in a hotel (expensive) for people that might have trouble finding a place to sleep. Please ping me per email today if you would like to take advantage of these.

If you are coming on Friday or Saturday please register now (there are only a few spots open and we will be closing registration soon).

Also opened registration for the OpenACS bug bash and pset/focus days so I get a rough idea of who is going to be staying and if we need to look for a bigger room. We will also be sending pset information using the events module so please register if you want to come.

Please let us know if you want to demo a project during the 11:15-13:00
"Lightning Talks & Demos" block on Friday. So far we have 3 projects lined up for demo on Friday.

Perhaps I missed the information. Will WLAN be available on Friday? Do I have to setup anything for access?

Best regards,


Posted by Joel Aufrecht on
One of the two goals for the Bug Bash is to write more automated tests, specifically, tclwebtest tests.  I have (finally) updated the tutorial to include a sample tclwebtest test case, so that we can start taking advantage of the work Tilman and Peter have put into tclwebtest and OpenACS integration.

It's at the end of  If you will be attending the bug bash, please have a look.

The other goal for the bug bash will be to start tackling the 150 or so Pri 3 bugs outstanding in core and maybe some of the other packages.

Posted by Martin Magerl on
Hi Jörg,

computer centre (URZ) will install WLAN, so you can at least use protocols www (http, https), ssh, pop3, imap.

Maybe, some aditional ports like 5190 for instant messangers or 389 (636) for ldap (ssl) access will be opened, too. But if you want to have access to other ports than mentioned above, better prepare for tunneling via ssh.

About WLAN-configuration parameters like (S)SID, etc. you will be informed on meeting.