Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Installation breaking on Oracle 8.1.7

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
To be fair, I vaguely remember that discussion too, and some of the changes he planned would be useful. And since a big part of what he was also volunteering for was to just plain clean up and maintain the code (which many including Rob Mayoff have described as ugly and nasty), it is probably in our interest to encourage rather than discourage his efforts.

Also, agreeing not to release any broken code is not quite the same thing as promising to never ever commit anything which might have bugs. But looks like his last commit was 2004/02/15, more than two months ago, so yeah, that does seem like rather too long a time to leave egregiously broken code (which is what the errors above indicate, right?) sitting unfixed on the CVS head.

Posted by Tom Jackson on

He wrote me privately, and his anticipated changes are in the changelog. After reading that, and noting that ScottG released 2.7 the same day as the changes started, seems like everything is okay. I'm sure it is frustrating for those who had to track this down, but it looks like things could be reversed if the work doesn't get finished. Maybe a note in the install guide to try 2.7 until further notice?