Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Debian stable or testing? apt-get or yum? etc.

Posted by Luigi Martini on
I tried that dotlrn thing, but they say that it doesn't work on woody.

I think I will follow the documentation step by step, and try installing OpenACS. There are many black holes, though; the fist one is: Debian documentation strongly suggests to install software with that apt-get command, while OpenACS manual often says something different (es. "Debian users, especially Debian stable users, should install PostGreSQL from source as detailed below...").
I am a bit puzzled.

Posted by Roberto Mello on
The OpenACS documentation needs to be updated. The absolutely recommended way to install PostgreSQL on Debian is through the packages.

The packages handle quite a bit of the initial configuration,  do some security tightening, etc. For Debian stable, packages are available from as posted earlier on this thread.

I have installed OpenACS on Debian woody. I grabbed the PostgreSQL woody packages, grabbed the tcl8.4 package from (IIRC) and re-compiled the AOLserver package from unstable.

It'd be nice if the AOLserver package maintainer made woody backports of those packages on his area. Maybe he already does.