Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Extending ad_form for assessment ?

Posted by Andrei Popov on
Wouldn't it (or some of it) be possible if instead of tables a DIV'ed (with proper classes and ids) form template were used?  At least some horizontal vs. vertical and possibly some of the groupings could be resolved.

Otherwise -- that'd be grate, since in it's current form it's usable for quick-and-dirty things, but would never produce a shiny (and very usable) ones.

Posted by Juanjo Ruiz on
Hi Andrei,

I've read in the TIP #8 proposal that you have a DIV'ed version of the ad_form template.

Could you contribute that to the community? I've just started to use DIV instead of TABLE and it would be great to have such a template.

Thanks in advance,

juanjo \o.o/