Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Future directions for OpenACS

Posted by Michael A. Cleverly on
Getting any flavor of the ACS into an existing organization that only wants to use the tools or languages they already have in place will always be difficult if there is not an ACS flavor that maps directly to the tools they are currently using. ACS Java and ACS Tcl do no good for a company that believes all web development should be in (ASP | VB | PHP | Pyton | Perl | CFM) for instance.

Now, it's true that there are probably more in-house projects using Java (since it's more in vouge) than Tcl, so ACS Java meets a larger portion of the folks with existing infrastructure who don't want to learn anything new than Tcl would.

Personally, I hope development of ACS Tcl continues. The "quote of the week" on the comp.lang.tcl newsgroup this past week was: "I've come to the realization that there are so many more Java jobs than Tcl jobs because it takes 10 Java programmers to do what I can do in Tcl." There are folks out there with Tcl web/db experience--it's just that a lot of times they call themselves Vingette developers. 😉