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Posted by Louis Gabriel on
Hello Everybody,

I just went to DICE.COM, the site listing tech jobs.  A search for TCL got 1042 listed positions returned out of a total of 128,225 site listings.  JAVA returned 25,478; C++ returned 34,104.

Like many, I wonder what to allocate precious learning time to.  A lot of the tcl jobs were fairly decent paying.  Several listings I clicked on seemed to be seeking someone who knew how to test with tcl.  Not sure how much tcl was sought for development .vs testing.

It seems to me that tcl is not dead.  It seems there are positions out there for those who know tcl.  How much so as a tool to do one's job (i.e. testing, one-time-only-stuff) .vs as the main development language would require much more time to research than I have to spend at this moment.  JAVA of course does have LOTS more jobs available.

Also, I recall reading a study several moons ago that compared the productivity of scripting languages like tcl with languages like JAVA.

If I remmeber correctly, developers using scripting languages completed the same task in HALF the time it took to develop in JAVA.

JAVA is all over the place.  I plan to work learning it into my schedule.  But I guess one factor to consider is whether one's interest is more "what can I use to maximime what I can produce for a client as a independent contractor for what I can charge for the project" .vs "what will it be easier to get a paying job developing in".  The one that I wonder about is "which one -- tcl or JAVA or whatever -- will make my services/product most marketable and at what price/rate".

  Guess part of the "answer" for each person involves whether one wants to work independently or whether one wants a paying job internally to some company (brick-and-mortershop?).

Your thoughts?

Best wishes,