Forum OpenACS Q&A: Midgard at OSDEM

Posted by Mohan Pakkurti on
There was a Midgard presentation at OSDEM, and here are my

Midgard is a content management system. It is a C and PHP application
and uses MySQL as a backend. It is a toolkit for developing a web
site which has a lot of authored content. The only feature it
provides is content management - creation and management of content.

In the current yet to be release version of Midgard 1.4, to be out in
a month or so, there is no possibility to choose a different
database, or script in anything other than PHP. They have introduced
(?) Perl scripting for version 1.4. Any other application development
for the web site, has to be done in PHP.

The next version of Midgard is 2.0, which will be ready in December
2001. It is supposed to provide, support for more databases using
ODBC, PHP4 support, version control, more features like a application

The presentation was not very technical, but Ami the person who gave
the presentation was very helpful to answer questions and take

To me as an ACS developer, Midgard itself does not provide any
application development features, and they have no architecture that
defines their solutions. You can consider it as a customizable
content management module. Using Midgard as it is today is not
attractive because of their unseperability from MySQL.

It is best to wait for OpenACS 4.0 and port the aD CMS.

So, Ben and Don we are all waiting with the shovels to get to work :)

Posted by Don Baccus on
Ben has promised to start publishing plans in a few days...