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Posted by Richard Hamilton on
Fantastic, thank you. When I said 'my openacs-4.6', I meant my modified version - I have not added the original 4.6 tarball to cvs.

I will try again then like this:

1)  Untar a virgin openacs-4.6 tarball and add to cvs with 'cvs import' as 'service0' with release tag openacs-4-6 and checkout.

2)  Copy my modified openacs-4.6 over the top of the virgin 4.6 in the file system.

3)  Commit the changes.

4)  Untar virgin openacs-4.6.3 tarball to a new directory and add to cvs with 'cvs import' with release tag openacs-4-6-3 to 'service0'.

5)  Now do the : 'cvs checkout -d service0 -j openacs-4-6 -j openacs-4-6-3 > cvs.txt 2>&1

I will post my result.

(The docs in the OpenACS installation section have no space between the '-j' and the 'OpenACS'. I concluded that you put a space in for a branch tag but no space for a revision - but what confused me was that the instructions said '-jOpenACS' which is the vendor tag. I am not clear about the interchangeability of the various tags in the checkout command.)

Thank you for your help - what a good job the various releases are still available!