Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Notes from OpenACS 6 Design Discussion in Heidelberg

Posted by Dave Bauer on
Peter said: " Page rendering. Content management systems (Typo3, Plone etc.) have a backend with a page tree that allows Interaction and Graphic designers define pages, layouts and links between pages. Implementing this on OpenACS may not require changing the request processor. The page map could be defined in an XML file in the filesystem."

Uh? Am I missing something or is this already covered by the Content Repository, and eventually by moving parent_id up to the object level? There is no user interface for it, and its something high on my list of things to do especially in relation to "- We would like to provide an admin interface (a CMS backend) where interaction designer draws up page flow and wire frames, the designer designs the pages"

I am sorry to be negative, but why would we want an XML file in the filesystem to define relationships between objects in the database?