Forum OpenACS Q&A: Add Portlets in my sub-site

Posted by Dario Roig on
I need the instructions to modify the index page of a sub-site in a system with OpenAcs 5.0
I want that in the index page show the portles of the tools that I have mounted.
Posted by Ben Koot on

While in Heidelberg, Caroline Meeks, Bruce Spear and myself have been looking into these sort of issues. I think Bruce will be publishing the basic document that came out of our exercises later this week.

Ben Koot

Posted by Bruce Spear on
On Monday Caroline helped us rewrite a simple html table in openacs terms, including moving the logic back int .tcl and making a database call. On Tuesday we followed Joel's Development Tutorial What I thought I'd write up on Tuesday afternoon was the difference between what is written up in the manner of a "how to" and what is explained when you actually try to do the tutorial, the "know how", but this is very hard to do and we ran out of time.