Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: OT: Dell PowerEdge RAID 10 Configuration

Posted by James Thornton on
BTW: Since LSI makes all of the current PERC4 cards, I called LSI yesterday and asked them about the PERC4-DC's support for RAID 10. The tech I spoke with said that the PERC4-DC is an LSI MegaRAID 320-2, and it has full support for RAID 10 as does the PERC4-Di card so Dell's documentation is apparently wrong.

Also, Matt Domsch, a Dell lead software engineer, confirmed that hot the PERC4-DC will support a global hot spare using specific software from LSI, but you have to manually configure this to do so. Since hot spares are per-controller, not per channel, it's fine to have a hot spare on the 3 side in a 2+3 split channel configuration. If you lose a disk on the 2-side, it'll rebuild onto the spare such that you'll really be running with one channel with one disk plus a bad disk, and the second channel with three disks.

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
For the record, I think Dell's docs, as quoted above, are technically "correct", in that they don't seem to actually contain any factual errors per se. It's just that they're so poorly written that it's almost impossible to draw any correct conclusions from them!

Clearly you did the right thing by tracking down the real info from the manufacturer.

Posted by Mark P on

I have a Dell 2600 W Perc4/Di. I called LSI and they said that all they do is supply chips for these cards and Dell does ALL the software for them. He said that if you use LSI software on these cards, you can destroy them. He said contact Dell only for any issues with these cards.

So, Dell says that this controller does RAID 1 - concatenated. I DO NOT believe this is a true raid 10!!!!

RAID 1 concateneted does not stripe, it just fills multiple drives in 1 array, 1 at a time, and then mirrors them.

What the heck it this????

Can a CONCATENATION professional comment here?