Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Notes from OpenACS 6 Design Discussion in Heidelberg

Posted by Don Baccus on
CMS is an application layered on top of the OpenACS core itself, which is why there was no explicit discussion of ripping out the good parts and repackaging a more useful version as part of this discussion.  This doesn't mean it's not important.

What we have discussed is the integration of the CR/CMS and acs object attributes and associated operations that work on them (automatic form generation, automatic table generation, etc).  Separately there's been some work done to integrate Jun's BCMS Tcl API to the CR (which exposes some of the CMS-type functionality) into the core.

All of this should help those who want to work on an A+ CMS solution.  Meanwhile, Daveb has been working on his XCMS UI application and of course Jun has provided the Basic CMS (bcms) package for simple CMS needs.