Forum OpenACS Q&A: groupware packages/slashdot..

Posted by Adam Farkas on
Thread on slashdot today about open groupware packages, including phpgroupware.. (

Anyone with experience care to compare OpenACS to these other packages?

Ben and I briefly examined phpgroupware when in brussels, but I haven't really examined any similar products in quite some time.

Posted by Chris Hardy on
While I've only been playing with installing phpgroupware, I do have to say the one reason I've been playing around with it is because the current WebMail solution just doesn't meet my groups needs.  I've currently got a support group using the new-ticket module, and they want a way to 1) have a mail role account (support address) that they can all check, respond to.  2) They want to have e-mail <-> ticket integration.  So that they can reply to a ticket, and the user can just e-mail a response and it will go into the ticket db.  On another vein, I will soon have time to start working on the Intranet module again, and start fixing some annoying bugs.

My 2 cents..

Posted by Stephen van Egmond on
Have you looked at the Debian bug system?